A History of the Guild



A passage at the back of the book has been marked out: "The tale of Avo's Tear, the mythical sword that would one day strike down all evil, emerged from the death of Solcius, the most powerful Mage ever to train in the Guild. Solcius famously died closing a vortex that threatened to engulf the city of Bowerstone. In order to perform this most dangerous of spells, Solcius required an object to focus all his Will into one point in space. He took the sword from a fallen guard and imbued it with all his powers before casting it into the mystical void. The explosion killed Solcius and those around him, and the sword disappeared along with the vortex. A legend soon began to spread: that the sword still existed in this world, hidden somewhere deep in the Guild, and awaiting a Hero worthy of wielding the formidable might of its blade."