Giant Rat Stalks New York?

Joe Greene

Deus Ex

NEW YORK -- In recent weeks a rash of mutilated corpses -- many of them found near docks, subways, or sewers -- has garnered nothing but indifference from the NYPD. "Isolated and unremarkable" in the words of one police spokesperson. But while the police seem content to categorize these horrible crimes as nothing more than simple cases of homicide or suicide among the poor and indigent, eyewitness accounts tell a different and all together more frightening story.

"'s a monster, 'nnit?" says Dickie Cork, a sailor aboard the Matilda Briggs out of Sumatra. "Thing looked like a rat, it did, only it was big, 'bout the size of a lion or sumthin'."

Numerous other witnesses all telling remarkably similar accounts of the creature have come forward in recent weeks, but the police refuse to act calling the descriptions "ludicrous" without any further investigation. But regardless of the truth, the police choose to sit idly by as the killings continue and poor, law-abiding citizens pay the price. -- Joe Greene, Senior Staff Writer