Food of the Gods?

Joe Greene

Deus Ex

NEW YORK -- Ambrosia, the mythical food of the gods, may in fact be something more than a myth -- it may be a cure for the mysterious "Gray Death" that has infected this city with sickening dread over the past several months. What is this Ambrosia, and where does it come from? Speaking on the condition of anonymity, highly placed sources have revealed in an exclusive to the "Midnight Sun" that Ambrosia is the government codename for a cure to the plague that has already taken so many lives. Unfortunately, the current manufacturing process appears to yield only small amounts of Ambrosia which have so far been prioritized for ranking government officials and a select group of industry leaders. "It's a matter of money and connections," said one source. "There simply isn't enough to go around."

If such allegations are true then it goes far beyond the terrible events of recent memory: it is evidence of systemic corruption that rises to the highest ranks of President Mead's administration, a callous disregard for human life that must -- and will -- be opposed! -- Joe Greene, Senior Staff Writer