Petals Of Twilight

Charles Francois Guillermot

Deus Ex

Petals of Twilight
by Charles Francois Guillermot

... And it is told that he made his way through their streets
at night, crawling through their many windows and crouching in
their gardens, moving
through the sewers beneath their cobbled roads and
slipping over their railings.

Watched by their cats and the roosting pidgeons of their city,
yet wary of their slumbering dogs, he went. They would not see
him, nor wake as he drew near,
but would only shudder, softly calling out the names of their
gods in sleep.

Restless, they tossed as he passed under the window like an
errant lover fleeing dawn.

And by morning light he was gone, away from that place, and
moved on to another