Project Dibbuk: Thoughts and Mations

Ang-Yun Li

Deus Ex

... as the Most Dignified of the Celestial Kingdom had expected, inquiries into the nature of MJ12 and the so-called "Project Dibbuk" were quickly declined in an extremely abrupt manner (and resulted in the unfortunate but necessary loss of one humble servant who will be forever exalted in the annals of our organization); however, further perseverance has suggested that the aforementioned project involved the quiet acquisition of Chinese technology that was later applied to the invention of an improved "stealth helicopter" for use in covert MJ12 operations. A careful examination of electronic traces would lead an astute observer to conclude that this information was liberated during a number of skilled intrusions into Chinese corporate data wells originating from UNATCO Headquarters in New York, which in turn leads to certain questions about links between UNATCO and MJ12...