Sisters' Diary



"Harvest, Day 15 - Mother is away again. She never tells us where. I think father is a little sad when she goes."
"Harvest, Day 18 - I had that nightmare again last night. There's a big room, and right in the middle of it there's a big swooshing light that feels like it's going to suck me in. I still couldn't see what was in the middle of it. I don't think I ever want to."
"Harvest, Day 19 - I had another dream. I was opening birthday presents and I was so happy. Then something happened, and it was so horrible it woke me up. I think that part was only a dream though."
"Harvest, Day 21 - It's my birthday today! I bet my brother forgets again, but at least mother will be back. I got up early to look out over the sea, and now I'm going to play in the top field."