Gree Hypergates

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Not even the Gree fully understand the mysterious technology known as hypergates. These devices were constructed many millennia ago in a period the Gree reverently call "the most ancient and forgotten days"--a rare instance of their language translating well into Basic. There are numerous hypergates scattered around Gree Enclave space, in varying sizes and states of functionality.

Hypergates resemble freestanding doors or archways. Anyone who steps through an activated hypergate is instantly transported through hyperspace to an opposite hypergate somewhere else. Some hypergates simply move a traveler to a different continent on the same planet, but rumors persist of hypergates capable of sending whole vessels across the galaxy.

Gree culture reveres hypergates as sacred technological works of art. The Enclave's leaders have long maintained that only elite members of the Operator caste known as "gatemasters" know how to activate hypergates. However, the current crisis on Asation may have exposed this as mere cultural bias.