Kuat Drive Yards

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

As Core Founders of the Galactic Republic, the people of Kuat aspired to provide a vital service to their newly formed government. To this end, they set out to build one of the galaxy's largest starship manufacturing companies. Kuat Drive Yards provides Republic-aligned planets with short-range shuttles, orbital stations and interplanetary transports. More crucially, they supply the Republic Navy with many of the components of its fleets, from the smallest single-person starfighters to capital warships.

Kuat Drive Yards quickly grew from a small series of shipyards, docks and warehouses in orbit over Kuat into an interconnected ring of manufacturing excellence. From the surface of the planet, the sight of the yards arcing across the sky brings the Kuati people a constant sense of duty and purpose by day; and of awe and comfort by night. Losing Kuat Drive Yards would not only send the planet's economy into a tailspin, but would also greatly hamper the Republic's ability to keep its member planets safe.