Lord Darkspanner

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Before becoming the backbone of Revan's campaign to destroy the Emperor at any cost, the Order of Revan was a small, subversive cult started by Sith Lord Tari Darkspanner. She believed in her heart that Revan had never truly died hundreds of years ago. She was correct, but her devotion to the enigmatic figure revolved around her theory that Revan had quietly overthrown the Emperor and, having been found out by the Dark Council, was locked away.

Darkspanner learned the truth of Revan's fate when the man himself appeared to her in a vision beckoning her to leave Dromund Kaas and seek him out. Impressed with all she'd accomplished as the self-appointed “Master” of the order, Revan offered Darkspanner the opportunity to expand the order's roster and purpose. Now Lord Darkspanner serves as one of Revan's most trusted commanders, devoted as ever to the doctrine of Revan.