Master Jaric Kaedan

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

One of the senior members of the Jedi Council, Master Jaric Kaedan was born in the Outer Rim and, although he wasn't discovered by the Jedi until he was twelve, quickly rose in prominence. During the war, Master Jaric Kaedan joined the Republic forces fighting on the front lines and was involved in several notable military actions, including the battles on Rhen Var and the capture of the Dread Masters. He remains the council member with the closest ties to the Republic military.

To his students, Master Jaric Kaedan is a harsh taskmaster, driven by the knowledge that his lessons may one day save their lives. He believes that the greatest threats to a Jedi can come from within, and encourages his students to master themselves before they seek mastery over a lightsaber. To the Sith, he is known as a formidable enemy, firm in his conviction that there can never be peace while the Empire still exists.