Metroid Hatcher

Unknown[Metroid Prime]

Metroid Prime

Mutation has robbed the Metroid Hatcher of its ability to phase, but provided it a hardened outer shell which has identical attributes as Phazite. This shell protects the creature's heart located at the core of its head. The Hatcher's tentacles are quite dangerous, and can leech energy from any targets they connect to. However, the tentacles are also the creature's weak point. If all its tentacles are ripped from its body, it will perish. As such, it will attempt to recover energy by retracting them into its shell when they take damage. While the Hatcher's tentacles are retracted, it is unable to attack, relying on the Phazon Metroids it spawns from its mouth for protection. If the interior of the creature is hit while its mouth is open, it loses its strength. The Hatcher's tentacles can be ripped off if they are pulled at this time.