Old Wounds

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

"Memories are markers. They allow us to navigate the past, and to recognize the shape of the path we have chosen. They can reinforce our beliefs. They can buoy us, bring warmth to our hearts. But they can also haunt us. Traumatize us, even when they do not linger on our minds.

"This does not mean that we should seek to eradicate these old wounds. The scars left behind are a part of who we are today. We must learn the contours of these scars so that we may fully understand ourselves, and so that we may better serve as Jedi. Pretend our scars--and the memories that come with them--do not exist, and our ignorance will lead us that much closer to the dark side."

--Master Orgus Din, from a Jedi Academy lecture