Letter To Varik


Kingdoms of Amalur

Dear Varik

Don't worry about me. I am in good hands. The Ynrics are a riotous lot, but no more than any of the rest of us. They still have some honor, despite their recent villainy. It's a shame they've had to fall so far simply to stay alive. Isn't that the way of Apotyre?

I will be in touch, my friend. If anyone asks about me, send them away from the Quarry, even our allies. I can't risk having that snake Eswin discover my location. Unchecked, he will stop at nothing to crush all of Whitestone under his well manicured thumb. City-dwellers.. What was that old joke? "How can you tell if a man's a noble? Check his

Be well, Varik. You will be hearing from me soon.

Your friend,