Journey To Shardfall

Anker Edmure

Kingdoms of Amalur

Notes of Anker Edmure

... It seems, yet again, that my latest report of findings has been ignored by the Scholia. Whoever they task with managing their correspondence must be preventing my letters from reaching Savant Engar. It's the only explanation. But once I draft a new report of my latest excursion to Shardfall, they will have to begin taking my claims seriously.

My apprentice had taken ill with a minor fever, so I elected to make the journey to Shardfall this month in order to obtain more shards for my work.

It is difficult to say with any certainty how the ruin of Shardfall came to be. Did the Erathi find this aggregation of ice magic, and chose to build there? Did the Erathi build the structure as a means of generating that level of cold? Or did the magic somehow begin building up after the Erathi abandoned it?

In any event, there is no fine place to harvest gems shards in the area. Somehow, the cold and stillness of the place encourages fine edges, and makes them clear as glass. If only the place didn't have such dammed draft, I could be harvesting my weight in gems and shards daily.

One of these days, I mean to make a earnest study of the glyphs and inscriptions on the stones in the area. Perhaps they might yield some clue as to Shardfall's origins...