Magnus's Memoirs, Part II

Tyr Magnus

Kingdoms of Amalur

The Memoirs of Tyr Magnus: Hroth Magnus Part II

Unlike other Varani of his ilk, my father was not fond of the mercenary life. At least, not of the parts that did not involve fighting his bounties. When he caught them, against the wishes of his contractors, he offered them their freedom if they could best him in a duel. None ever could. Word spread, and his infamy attracted the attention of weaponmasters and storied warriors. In this way, he learned the weaponed and unweaponed combat of many peoples, including both varieties of Alfar and Almain. Years passed, and though his technique improved, he gained no reputation as a mercenary. Father would sooner allow a captive to roam free if there was anything to be learned from sparring him. And as such, we languished, financially, in the years before he was Champion.