An Investment

Templar Octienne

Kingdoms of Amalur

A well-worn letter, written in careful script and still bearing a grandiose seal.


Allow me to express my deepest regrest for the Forum's verdict and your imminent sentence. Believe me that I argued most stridently on your behalf - and not merely because I had invested in the work of you and your colleague, Mr Hugues. I think we both agree that in pursuit of science, we must forgive minor missteps when they are followed by great leaps. But alas, my colleagues still hold quite provincial views on the subject of necromancy, and so your fate was sealed.

But perhaps there is another way.

Tomorrow morning, your executioner will arive to escort you from your cell. But after a small donation, I have seen to it that you shall be delivered not to your eternal rest, but to a discrete caravan outside of Adessa. From there, a moderate price has seen to it that you (and certain sets of your notes (salvaged from the evidence against you)) shall be delivered to Klurikon, where a truly monumental price has been paid to construct a new laboratory for your work in a discrete location.
I trust you appreciate the depth of my investment in your work. Just as I trust that it shall return a grand dividend to your one and only investor.

- O.