Skill Book (Detect Hidden)

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

The Way of the Hawk

It is said that the hawk rules Detyre, for where Helios illuminates all by day, and Lunala graces the night with her shining countenance, the winged dwellers of the sky see all. It is said the great bird Saina knew of every ravine, could see every shadow, and that nothing hid from her gaze. It is so with King Wencen, the Falcon of Detyre, under whose eternal vigilance nothing escapes notice. It is so with Lyana, the fabled Warsworn Cempestre, who struck as the lightning when her watch required. The Desert Runner survived by the depths of her awareness. So too, in Erathell did Lyria's flock, the Alfar, find Rathir amidst the sheer bluffs of the Tywili coast.

If it is your wish to find the hidden treasures of this world, you must soar as the hawk, delve as the bat, swim as the mallard, and watch as owl.