Crystal War I

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

History of the Crystal War, Vol I: The Onset

Without a doubt, the war began with the Night of Fire and Blood. From cloistered eyries within Mel Senshir and Rathir, some had watched the rise of the mad king and his Tuatha Deohn, it is true. But who, at that time, would have thought they might strike so soon and with such force?

The night that Mel Senshir fell to the enemy, blood flowed in the streets. Blazes were seen from the heights of Rathir, across the waters. This was the Night of Fire and Blood, which shall not be soon forgotten by Alfar-kind. With dawn, the Tuatha swept onto the plains. And thus began nearly three years of steady defeat and setback against an enemy we were utterly unprepared against. Who we had not even thought to fear.