Magnus's Memoirs, Part I

Tyr Magnus

Kingdoms of Amalur

The Memoirs of Tyr Magnus: Hroth Magnus Part I

To know Tyr Magnus, we must begin with the progenitor: Hroth Magnus. Amalur does not know Hroth Magnus, the mercenary, nor Hroth Magnus, the father. But he was both, before he defeated Fae Engard to become the first mortal Champion.

When I was a child, he and I traveled across Amalur, in pursuit of battle. He sought opponents who could show him fighting techniques he had never seen so that he could devise ways to defeat them. He was fascinated with the motions and methods of combat.

Together we would visit a number of locales, mostly taverns, where guards and other militia spent their off-duty hours. My father would enrage the patrons with glib words such that they would attack him, and he would attack them in turn; always, he defeated them with ease. On the rare instance that his opponents managed to actually strike him, he would not to me as he grappled with his aggressor, intoning, "Now we are learning, Tyr!" And it was true. None could ever strike him in the same fashion again. After a time, it appeared no guard or militia man could defeat my father, and he took on mercenary work, seeking further competition...