Stone Shadows

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

'Let it be said our Fates are like shadows cast before us in the morning sun. But they are shadows of stone, for they may never change.' - Anathon

The winding stairs cut into stone

As intricate as fine-carved bone

Whose mysteries are never known

But whispered in stone shadows

The ancient words that softly spoken

Something deep below has woken

Potent seals that held were broken

Held within stone shadows

A lovely form descends the stair

In pale white gown and plaited hair

Who moves with sad and mournful air

Down into stone shadows

Knowing not if truth or dream

Things in restless sleep she's seen

Troubles rising from a stream

Rising like stone shadows

But there she finds no thing to fight

And darkness turns to blinding light

And awful wisdom fills her sight

The wisdom of stone shadows.

And now she wanders the spire and quays

A distant look upon her