Llyfarstair III

Ormend of Rathir

Kingdoms of Amalur

The Bastion of Rock

While once our people believed they were entirely guarded by Lyria's love, now it was said no thing escapes the cutting of the strands of Fate. And they saw the might of Anathon's magic, which is a gift of the Goddess, and it was said we must use the gifts She has given us and look after ourselves. So our people begged Anathon to lead, but he did not like the bustle and noise of the people. Let the poet Caethra lead you, he said, for she has a fine tongue, and you will listen to her. But our people demanded Anathon, and so he said, let Caethra come up to me, and I will speak to her, and she will go down and speak to you. Anathon then formed a circle of his mages, and this was the Orbocant. And Caethra went to them, and listened and spoke to the people, and so she was the Elund.

To this day, Orbocant rules and Elund speaks.

In the hundred years that followed, the city of Rathir rose upon around the Spirerock, like flowering vine upon an ancient oak. The Lower City was laid upon the spire's base, and made secure with walls and battlements. The Spire's face was carved and honed until little of the rock itself remained, so fine was the artistry of our kind.

At the end of this time, when Anathon was very old and nearly blind, he demanded he be led out to the edge of the Spiretop, where he could look out on all that we had done. 'We are Lyria's children. 'he said aloud. 'yet we have not loved her as we should.' And so he decreed that a temple be built to Lyria where he stood, and before it a garden to Lunala, Goddess of the moon, who guided Tirin's children to this very place. A year and a day he watched its building, saying nothing, moving little. A year and a day it took to build, and the day that it was done, Anathon laid himself down and died.

Many tales are told of these times and those that followed close thereafter. Greatest among these is the Fall of Dwynian.