A History Of Yolvan

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Kingdoms of Amalur

A discussion on the history of Yolvan

Chapter I

Yolvan is a curious island of normalcy in the heart of Dalentarth. Bordered by the enigmantic Odarath, the notorious Webwood, and the enchanted Glendara, Yolvan is known primarily as the bastion of "natural" creatures in these lands. And while bears, wolves, and antelope are certainly to be found here, the area is not as devoid of more magical forms of life. In fact, it is sometimes a common occurrence to see sprites attacking packs of wolves, or bears doing battle with the odd troll that has stumbled into their den. This dichotomy is even more apparent when one considers the fact that the Warsworn keep a base in a stronghold here, within eyeshot of the mystical fae institution known as the House of Ballads. And, while interactions (if any) between the two groups are often genial enough, it is curious to note the tension between the natural and unnatural in Yolvan.

The area is actually rather small -- which some have attributed to the spread of the more magical forests, exacerbated by what many perceive to be a rise in magic -- but noticeable for the sudden drop of the tree-line. There are large expanses of ruins, similar to those found in Lorca-Rane, but whose origins remain rather mysterious. They do not resemble fae architecture, or Erathi, or those of the stronghold in the region. But they are known to house a few secrets to be uncovered by those brave enough to explore them.

Alas, what more can be said of Yolvan? This small beat in the rhythm of the forest, this footnote in the annals of Dalentarth. Too small to care deeply of, too large to ignore, too normal to pique curiosity, but too mysterious to inspire boredom. For many, it is but a means of traveling from one magical wood to the next. But for the worldlier traveler, it is a destination in and of itself.