Til's Collection V

Brother Til

Kingdoms of Amalur

Youthful Darlings of Depravity

Chapter IV

The girl faithfully obeyed her mistress's instructions, and her Alfar master was so delighted that he hastened at once to impart this good news to his friend, who begged that, since he had been concerned in the bargain, he should partake of the pleasure. This being agreed to, and the hour being come, the Alfar master went to bed, as he supposed, with the servant; but the mistress had taken her place, and received him, not as a wife, but as a bashful and frightened Almain maid; and she played her part so well that he never suspected anything. I cannot tell you which of the two felt the greater satisfaction, he in belief that he was cheating his wife, or she in belief that she was cheating her husband.