Crystal War IV

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

History of the Crystal War, Vol IV: Klurikon Until the Siege

What we had learned of the Tuatha after some years at war was an unmistakable lesson. If they were allowed to flee the Plains of Erathell unpursued, they would return, with renewed force -- literally reincarnate -- and attack only more savagely. Since Orieator had perished in the Battle of Tywili Bluffs, general Malwyn was tapped to replace him.

Cleverly as ever, Varlaine landed the primary force in Caeled Coast , routing the Tuatha who expected our landing in Mel Senshir . However, Varlaine took an arrow to the leg at the end of the battle, and handed his post to his second in command, our own Tilera. This time was followed by a series of losses, or near losses to the Tuatha, who were on home territory, known as the Battle of Staggers. At last, the Alfar forces led a maneuver, known as Malwyn's Revenge, that drove the Tuatha out of the Keening, back into the reaches of Caeled. It was at this time that Tilera's excellence and acuity as a general was first proved. The Tuatha fell ever back; nearly to Alabastra , making victory seem nearly assured.

It was then that the unexpected happened: the Tuatha devised to raise up Balor , a Greater Niskaru of monstrous proportions, and the Alfar forces were scattered. Unable to resist such a weapon, we were forced to retreat to the safe redoubt of Mel Senshir, where we remain, besieged, to this day.