Til's Collection X

Brother Til

Kingdoms of Amalur

Della and Her Desire

Going that morning to my brother Aedwald's chamber to rouse him for the evening prayer, on opening the door, I was perfectly amazed at the sight before me. There lay Aed on his bedroll, in the arms of the dokkalfar dancing girl, Della, a most dark and gingerly lass. When I entered the room my brother was lying beside Della, clasping her tightly in his arms and moaning, and from the motions of their bodies, I perceived that they were taking part in an activity that was altogether satisfactor; and so focused, and engrossed were they, with this licentious affair, that they did not even notice my presence.

I cleared me throat in the small of the room, but the noises of employment drowned out my timid attempt at engagement. Who was this swarthy, zestful lad, and what had he done with my brother?

South of the mountain path connecting the lower part of the Caeled Coast, Book 10 is inside Castle Ansilla.