The New Assistant


Kingdoms of Amalur

A rough copy of a letter, apparently written but never sent.

Octienne, you old fiend, I don't know when you found this new assistant but s/he's an absolute godsend. I may have expressed doubts when you said a single helper could take the place of an experienced lab staff, but s/he's proven more than capable in every area. Labwork, resource collection, even repelling any Fae curious enough to come to the tower; in every instance, s/he's met every challenge with a steely-eyed flair.

I've tried asking how s/he got her/his remarkable training, but s/he's loathe to talk about her/his past. In fact, even casual inquiries are rebuffed with no small degree of menace. I know you paid a fortune to hire her/him from whatever sources you use, but are you absolutely certain that s/he can be trusted?.

Still, it's a moot point - I'd hardly be able to continue my work without the help of this marvelous assistant. So much so, in fact, that I've taken the liberty of attuning her/him to the Well's core, so just in case the worst does happen to her/him, there's a chance I could bring her/him back for future work. Even if s/he came back as a simple Laz, s/he'd surely be twice as skilled as the normal man!