Dulstan's Notes


Kingdoms of Amalur

God Storm? The Musings of Dulstan

Thereafter, Lord Ysa ruled for many years in peace in Dalentarth until the Fae groups of eastern Klurikon organized under the Great Warlord, Ohn, raided Erathell, and then attacked Dalentarth. Lord Ohn despised the Seelie Fae, and named himself and his followers the 'Unseelie Fae'. All the magical energies of the Fae were directed to this single, desperate undertaking of total war, neglecting the Land and its bounty, and laying waste to fields and forests. For the first time, the entire Fae race faced misery and starvation, and thus this was called the Withering War. The more warlike Fae of the east defeated the weaker, peace-loving, Fae of the west in every encounter until Lord Ysa lured the Fae armies of Lord Ohn into the plains.