Llyfarstair I

Ormend of Rathir

Kingdoms of Amalur

Parting & Pilgrimage

When it came to pass that our people must be parted, Beyala Tirin summoned all who bore her love. And she spoke to them, saying. 'Now we must go, go from here. Where I do not know, but Lyria will surely guide us true'.

And so she led them and so they followed, down from Fieriol into the sun-warmed lands. And their hearts were sore, for they left sisters and brother behind them. They left home and hearth behind them. Though they were victors, the Durek axe had split their hearts in two, and so they mourned.

And so she led them farther and farther south. When the sun grew hot, they hid by day and traveled only in the night. Then they sang Lunala's praises, confidante of Lyria, whose bright shape guided them safely through the dark. Dawn would greet them, and Pristess Tirin would pray to Lyria. And then she would say. 'No, not here. This is no the place.

And so at the end of many miles, three springs foretold the place our roots would spread. At the first, we looked backward. At the second, inward. At the third, we spied our Fate.