Gwalchmai's Goods

Galen Gwalchmai

Kingdoms of Amalur

A dusty merchant's record.

Record of stores and trades, Year 245

Major trades:

2,445 barrels pickled, brined, and jellied fish sold a profits of 7 gold per. 905 yards of fine hempen rope bought at 2 gold per yard below market. 55 casks Fieriol wines, pale and mulberry traded for 118 crates of smoked aurochs meat.

Major Losses

766 Barrels of Boot blacking to the Alfar Army at 4 gold less than paid. 3 bottles Maybrin wine to visiting dignitary. Twelve fine lacquered cabinets that were damaged traveling through Kandrian. 50 bear pelts, which turned out to be of inferior quality.