Crystal War III

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

History of the Crystal War, Vol III: Across the Phorian

The two years that followed the Battle for Galafor Plain came to be known as the War of Parries. In a series of brief but thunderous conflicts, one army struck at the other. Our first victory was Varlaine's Gambit: while Orieator had taken two thirds of the standing army to secure Rathir and the town of Ljosavik, Varlaine led the Tuatha vanguard in circles through Kandrian and lower Tywili. At last, having thoroughly turned them around, he descended upon three of the Tuatha Witchknights, slaughtered them, and sent the enemy into brief disarray.

Unfortunately, this brilliant maneuver was quickly followed by a setback, known as the Acathan Dance, when a dense fog separated some of the army and sent the rest into the Acathan swamps.

Finally, after months of such 'parries' Orieator and Varlaine rejoined forces and fell head-on upon the Tuatha army, driving them back into Tywili in Orieator's Stand, or the Battle of Tywili Bluffs. At last, we were victorious.

Closing in on them from all sides, the Tuatha were forced to flee east, across the Phorian Strait and back into Klurikon. In Rathir, this quickly came to be called the Day of the White Swans.