Weniret's Journal

Weniret Soll

Kingdoms of Amalur

Didn't find much on my last venture through Tala-Rane. People have been calling it a barren ruin for years, and I'm starting to wonder if they're finally right. With each visit, more and more beasts have infested the ruins, and fewer treasures can be found in its recesses. Soon, the whole area might be sucked dry of its hidden riches.

I'm taking a short rest in Ayten before I take another excursion into the ruins. Still had no sign of the Aster inheritance. I'm beginning to think that it's already been recovered. Perhaps it was a myth all along. I have hope that my next visit to Tala-Rane will bring me fortune; if it does not, then it may be my last. To hell with the sodding place.