Nell's Journal

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

(This page is creased and weathered, possibly several years old)

He left today. Shining like the morning star in immaculate silver plate, as dashing and elegant as he would be in his father's ceremonial robes. Just seeing him made my heart race like I was a girl of ten-and-four. As he rallied in the town. I fell in love with him again.

All the party was gathered - the sons and daughters and husbands and wives of Ayten who would answer the call for country, for their people in the town center, and listened to his words. They carried themes of hope and promises of valor, of taking common-folk and turning them to legend. None could ignore him, and within a few scant minutes, every ear was turned to him, and every heart swelled with courage.

And when they turned and went, I kissed him on the cheek like the other women of our village did. But I slipped the ring into his rucksack. I gave him the answer he had been seeking for nearly a month, and though I played coy the answer was always yes.

By the gods, let him be done with this business and speed him back to me. Watch over Ratofer, for he is now my betrothed.