Letter To Galataea


Kingdoms of Amalur

A letter adressed to a Kollossae woman named Galataea.

First letter:
To my Galataea

It has finally happened! Idylla has been raised high into the clouds above. This is truly a sign from the Gods- that they are pleased with our work, my work, building this perfect city. Yet I did this not fot the Gods alone, but for you, my one true love. How you would so love this city in the sky. Do not think that the city being raised will end my visits. I will come see you again as soon as things settle up here.

Second letter:
To my love, Galataea

The city is coming along nicely. It is finally begining to look like the place the Gods intenedn for our people to be. With every strike of my hammer and chisel to this stone, I imagine the place we once dreamed of living. I only wish you were here to see all of its beauty. It is everything you had hoped it would be and more. The Gods will be proud of this city once it is completed. Sadness fills me to know that we will not be together in this perfect city, but if all goes well then perhaps I can find a way to bring you to the city.