Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

The Widow and Halter Ninepins

By stoney brook did Halter sit to fish himself a luncheon

When Widow walked with spider guard and Halter bared his truncheon

"I'm Halter Ninepins, so I'm called," He cried with shaky voice. "Face me and die, or leave me be," He left her with the choice.

The Widow smiled the spider stayed She raised her hand to Halter.

"I seek a man To make me bride." Her smile did not falter.

Halter knew her legend well But struggled to refuse, Fair was she, but still his heart he could not bear to lose.

"I think you'll find I'm not the man to take you to the altar."

She smiled still. "Make me your bride." Her smile did not falter.

He thought with speed, the cunning lad, And came upon an answer -- "I'll wed you yet," he did begin, "If you can best a dancer."

The Widow laughed with hungry eyes Her grin was all the wider.

"We are agreed. The dancer is?" Halt gestured to the spider.

He drew a flute and played a tune, and both began to dance. But eight legs bear more grace than two -- The Widow stood no chance.

He reached the end, The Widow left Pursuant to the deal,

And Halt resumed his fishing rod Glad to not be the meal.