On Alchemy (2)

Red Thombrum

Kingdoms of Amalur

These papers have been neatly compiled.


It is with a certain solemnity and starkness of spirit in which I undertake the endeavor; that is, the extrapolation of the fundamentals of alchemy. Never before has the thought of such an exhaustive and copmplete compendium on the subject been broached. It is a monumental task that some woukd argue borders on the appalling. To simply summarize the project laid out before us is an effort in and of itself, much less catalogue the entirety of Alchemy.

It is my sincere hope that with a rigorous and careful method I may avoid the treacherous pitfalls of so many other scholars attempting to adequately canvass the subject. I hope to represent, with a certainty and clarity heretofore unseen, the fundamental aspects of the field, but without sacrificing the elaborate discourse that is essential to so complex a subject. This guide will serve as not oanly an introduction to alchemical research, but as source of reference for all major procedures. The first four chapters will cover the necessities of an Alchemy lab, while the next five detail the elementary work of properly harvesting and storing reagents. Discussions on the philosophical underpinnings of our craft can be found throughout the text, so that theory is not lost amongst method.

In the final five chapters, I put forth a bold new technique for all processes involved in Alchemy. It is derived by myself throuigh several trial and error experiments over the course of five years, and promises to yield a whole host of discoveries through its exploration. I highly recommend reading the final section as you progess throughout the first two sections of the book. As always, I am deeply indebted to the Scholia Arcana and its members, especially my mentor and the font of all wisdom, Professor and Savant Tschuck. Withour them, none of this research would be possible. The libraries in Adessa also proved to be an invaluable source of information.

Finally, I would like to thank my patient and loving partner for being the athanor to my centrifuge.