Peers Of Eagonn II

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

Chapter 2:

Being the History of Teodar and His Defeat of the Cultist of Khamazandu

There are evils in this world of such power, of whom even the bravest of Warsworn hold in fear. They are the Niskaru Lords, and have laid waste to entire civilizations; brought darkness upon the land as if wielding the very chaos of Telogrus themselves. Their touch means endless torment; their mere presence, death and corruption. It is not for mortals to contest the wills of Niskaru Lords. Even Eamonn and Caerwyn, of our order the greatest, never matched themselves against such a one. They are as gods, and only an immortal dare to face them in combat.

It is for this reason that in the days of the Firstsworn, one man chose to oppose the craven followers of the Niskaru Lords; Teodar, the First Champion of the Warsworn. He hunted the slaves of demon lords. Human, Alfar, Gnome; dedicated in body and mind to the spread of Telogrus' influence. These disciples of Chaos invoke the demon names; they practice the vilest of magics, and the greatest of them all was the mad sorcerer known as Fahrlang, the Atassein.

The legends say Fahrlang came from the east, from the sundered steppes of Sindrildr. He bore a mighty chain around his neck, and walked with an oaken staff. He professed himself as a holy man in this guise, and came to the people in a gentle mien. He told them of a great power, capable of freeing them from their earthly constraints. He promised eternal life, and the power to transcend the mundane reality thrust upon them by the Great Cycle. Some believed him, and soon Fahrlang had gathered a host of devoted servants, the Fahrlangi. Elsewhere in the Faelands, Eagonn and the Firstsworn battled demons, unaware of the threat of Fahrlang and his followers. Their exploits are well known to all: how Edorias slew Torek'zor; how Lyana survived the demon walk; and how Argul repelled the host of Zandrokar. Fahrlang saw this chance to strike, and with his fanatical devotees, he began the spell that would summon the most terrible of demon lords, Khamazandu.

Teodar of the mountains, who often climbed their heights, came across the mage's summoning. He spied the forces gathering, and knew that doom would soon be at hand. With a calm and steady mind, and a bravery of composure, descended the mountainside and went to Andurin, the great blacksmith of Detyre.

"O mighty Andurin, whose hammer never falters, whose anvil withstands the strongest of blows, I implore you now, for the sake of Amalur, throw down your earthly works and craft a hammer worthy of the dauntless Eagonn"

"If it is a hammer capable of defeating Fahrlang that you require, bring me the plans from Eamonn himself, for only his knowledge can defeat the power of the Niskaru."

So Teodar retrieved the Sage's knowledge, and thus did Anduri begin to craft the Mystic Hammer. While Andurin worked the anvil, and Vlaskar kept the forge, Teodar went to Eagonn, who battled demons on the battlefields of Erathell. Teodar knew no sleep nor pause until he was by Eagonn's side. He told Eagonn of the threat, but Eagonn would not retreat from the battle.

"If I abandon the field we will lose this war, and the demon will destroy us all," he said.

"I will lead the battle while you conquer this evil," cried Teodar above the din of swords and demon howls.

This was Teodar's last act as Firstsworn. He fell defending the Plains of Erathell, holding the Niskaru at bay so Eagonn could vanquish Fahrlang and his followers. Upon his grave, he was honored with the title of Leoden: the leader of the Firstsworn, a shining example of sacrifice for all those who are sworn to war.