On Fae Vitality

Nemius Perigums

Kingdoms of Amalur

On Fae Vitality by Nemius Perigums

In my travels, I discovered a most unusual case. As I have clearly outlined previoudly, the density of Fae vital forces waxes and wanes from place to place within the Faelands. But in the planes and pools of Galafor, I found such free-floating abundance of these vital energies as I could hardly believe possible.

To rest the potential of the place, and to prove certain theories that had haunted my idle thoughts, I devised three urns and four specially prepared stones around the pillars of broad pool in Galafor. By placing one stone in each urn, certain symmetries were caused to act upon the forces of the place, and I summoned a boggart from thin air! Moreover, because of my devising, the little fellow was not hostile to me, and in fact quite loyal. I would like to have experimented some more, but the second combination I tried left me sick for some days, and I was forced to abandon my project for the healing springs of Ysa. This was quite sad, because I believe I had some inkling of a combination, using the fourth stone, which would grant the some potent beneficence gained from the wondrous Shrines found around the region. (These Shrines are another fascinating topic. Perhaps I shall assay a study of them at some point. But that is a matter for another day.)