Sacred Tract

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

This religious text, taken from a Kobold, seems somewhat the worse for wear.

Vekreth and Arylia

And so Vekreth, god of scorn, stole into the glade. From behind a tree, he beheld Arylia, goddess of love and beauty, in all her splendor. From that day he took ill, pining for her. "This foolish phase will fade away," Belen said, "all things do."

"You must conquer this weakness," said Thyrdon, "all is struggle and victory." But Arylia had seen Vekreth in the glade, though he had not known it. Long had his disdainful distance filled her heart with painful longing. Now she had cracked his shell. So she spoke to Lupoku, and Lupoku whispered in Mitharu's ear, telling him the seven singing bells had fallen out of harmony. Mitharu, ever thick-witted, set out on the four-day journey to visit every bell. Unwatched, Arylia crept off to Vekreth, and there they unveiled to each other their holy, numinous ineffabilities, and so they were wed.

Love and hate are married to this day, and the fools who cling to Mitharu's name rage at the holy union to this day, for truly, they're sealed shut and their hearts are cold as stones.