Children's Tales II

Phinneas Callidus

Kingdoms of Amalur

II: The Bear's Feast - A Varani Rhyme

Shaggy pawed, the stumbling bear

Did come to town to feast,

On fish and candle-wax and hare

And supper of the priest.

What could be done,

to stop the bear?

Or fill him, at the least.

His eyes give out a famished stare

And his hunger never ceased.

A wise old man walked to the bear

And laid hand on the beast,

The animal did not seem to care

As he ate the brewer's yeast.

A few words whispered to the bear

And the brute then

wandered east

Away from town, back to his lair

Gut full, and fanged maw greased.

What did the old man tell the bear?

That allowed the town release.

He did not say, he did not dare,

And now, he is deceased.