Skill Book (Sagecraft)

St. Hadwyn

Kingdoms of Amalur

On Divine Work

I have seen the hand of Mitharu, and it is in the myriad of light and lines in a gem. There is a careful, ordered balance, such that the structure of the light itself is duplicated in the body of the gem. It is most wonderful, and unlike the imperfections of the plants and animals of this world. It is closest to the stars themselves, nay, even more ordered, as the sky, save for the constellations, is free of any pattern. The lines of a gem are the truest shape given form in the world, for they travel from point to point unbroken and without the slightest of deviation. Truly, these shards and gems are the work of Mitharu, and we are wise to seek the divine guidance of Order from them.

My work, then, is also the work of Mitharu, for the purification of the clouded shard is none other than the heralding of the glory and perfection of Order. The transformation of lambent shard to pristine gem is to bask in Mitharu's guidance. Here, at the sagecrafter's table I am one with Mitharu. It is an altar worthy of our communion, and it is written that one must pray to the Great Order of the World daily. For this reason, one must strive day and night to achieve the same perfection found in the harmonious jewels of Mitharu.

The creation of a gem requires diligence and patience. I will follow the seven tenants (sic) of Mitharu's guidance

In Mitharu's name, I bring order unto chaos, and shape the likeness of perfection.

- Hadwyn of Mitharu