The Seasteel Golems

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

A telling of the tale of the seasteel golems.

The Seasteel Golems

Searching for a new home for the Dverga, King Maht sailed the Frostbreak Sea until he found the Obsidian Isle. Following the death of Prince Kaleva and the loss of his ship the Barufakir, the King decided that the dwarfs would permanently settle upon Obsidian Isle. To protect his own ship, the Naglfar, the king planned to transport it to the caldera at the top of Obsidian Isle. King Maht commissioned a group of Dvergan smiths and runebinders to create a host of golems that could carry the Naglfar to its chosen resting place. Once the ship was moved, the golems would protect it and keep it safe should it ever be needed again.

Using the newly discovered seasteel, the smiths and runebinders created thirteen golems. Once assembled, the golems were commanded to carry the great ship to the top of Obsidian Isle. OVer time, the golems became covered in snow and were eventually completed encased in ice. All that remains of them now are twelve great columns of dark ice beneath the ship. Ony the guardian key-golem, dubbed Heimdallyr by the King, was spared his fate. Instead, the greatest of the golems stood guard on the deck of the Naglfar to defend it against any incursion.