Kallas' Notes


Kingdoms of Amalur

On the History and Nature of the Fae

In the famous God Storm, or Withering War, Lord Ysa took up the ancient, cursed Talisman of Fate, a powerful but treacherous magical artifact of the Heroic Age Seelie clan champions, and came upon Lord Ohn and his warband in the fogs and quicksands of the shadowy plains. Lord Ysa, Lord Ohn, and their warbands fought for hours in confusion until most of their supporters were dead and both Ysa and Ohn were terribly wounded. At Last, Ysa took a mortal wound, and Ohm, thinking himself the victor, left Ysa alone to die. But the gravely wounded Ysa gave his page the Talisman of Fate, and sent him after Ohn.