Peers Of Eagonn III

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

Chapter 3: Being a Tale of Edorias the Steadfast and his Acts of Bravery

Of all of Eagonn's companions, the man knows as Edorias was the most loyal. He served as Amaldor to Eagonn for many years, and was a dependable and constant guardian of the High Commander. He was forever at Eagonn's side, ready to render his aid in every manner. His mind was keen, and his intellect unmatched. He was a skilled man-at-arms; as proficient with the instruments of war as any of the Firstsworn. He was a kind and gentle husband and father, and a generous Lord of the Almain Court. His patience was renowned throughout the kingdom, and his feats of strength famous to all. Despite this, Edorias was a good and humble knight. He dutifully followed Mitharu's path, and broke his fast with prayer each morn.

Edorias was the son of Graphelm of Ederton and Slyvia Arcolm. He was much like his father in countenance, and bore the dignity of his mother in his noble composure. At an early age he was named squire to the Lord Eocas, and was rewarded with Knighthood after but twenty winters. This most valiant warrior was not content with title, nor fame and glory. He wished to combat the evils that plague our land, and so set forth to the Faelands, to fight the Niskaru by the side of Eagonn.

It is said that Edorias was not content in defeating weak Niskaru, that he yearned for more. He studied the ways of the more powerful demons; those known by name, Torek'zor, Sadokar, Balor. Under the tutelage of Eamonn, he learned the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of these lieutenants of chaos, and trained his martial skill to combat them directly. He grappled the giants of the Volund Tundra and the terrible beasts of Klurikon; he broke the Teeth of Naros, toppled the Mountains of Sotiris, and bathed in the fires of Aodh.

It was in Eagonn's defense that Edorias proved his might. The foul and wretched demon known as Torek'Zor, surrounded by his minions, attacked the High Commander on the battlefield. Loyal Edorias, knowing full well the peril at hand, dove between his Lord and the Greater Niskaru. With tremendous swings of his blade, he slew the great beast. All that remained of Torek'Zor was ash, as its foul soul retreated into the ether of the Arcane Veil.

For his gallantry, Edorias was named Amaldor, the steward and second Champion of the Warsworn, and slayer of the Greater Niskaru.