A Letter From Archsage Caledus

Jubal Caledus

Kingdoms of Amalur

A Final Word

To my successor,

If you are reading this, then I have failed where you have succeeded. You now bear the ring of my rank and office, and you have earned it.

I knew the moment your initiation ritual was begun that Sydanus had awakened. From that moment it was only a matter of time before she rose again. I regret not being able to prepare you better for what was to be, but if my estimation regarding your potential was in any way accurate, you will have made your way on your own.

My legacy is now yours. You have inherited along with the order a world which finds itself ever on the brink of change. The time of man approaches, and with it, a great and terrible freedom. Do your best to guide the Scholia Arcana, that she may guide the world through the perils that are to come.

Lyria willing, with our aid the mortal races will not lead themselves to ruin.

Jubal Caledus, Archsage

PS Along with this letter and ring, Savant Methneen will also provide you a key. It will open my chambers, which are now yours. Use what treasures lie within with wisdom and intelligence, and the fates themselves will favor you.

Good luck.