On Knowing Order

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

"Order," said he, the Authority, will bring you strength, for if you keep the teachings of Mitharu, you will be just in every action, and every one of your actions will be undisputable. This For fearing the Authority, you will be saved. But fear not the wickedness of the outside world; for by fearing Mitharu, you will have command over the forces that seize your strength and dim your daylight.

It is they who possess no true power who seek to be feared: the unnatural fae and the wild beasts of the wood, the godless alfar of the shadow cities; these are the dark souls that wish to conquer you. But they no power and thus should not be feared; but He in whom there is glorious power is truly to be feared, or every one that has power ought to be feared and he who has no power should be looked upon with disgust.

Fear, therefore, the deeds of the unclean, the strange and disorderly, the children of the chaos, for they are the wicked. For, fearing the Authority, you will not bask in these fires, but find relief from their terrible heat. Fear, then, Mitharu, and you will live to Him. All creation fears the Authority, but all creation does not keep His teachings, and thus only the righteous will know the comfort of a courageous soul.