The Little Prince Of Rathir

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

The Little Prince of Rathir

Long ago in Rathir, a boy named Aral was born to the great house Kandrian. Though he was beautiful and healthy, Lyria saw fit that he should be blind. His parents, who were proud, declared he would never know of his defect, and he never did, until the day he heard a lovely song. He found the singer, and laid his love before her. She was a serving girl, and she burst into tears. I am as ugly as my voice is beautiful, she cried. When he could not understand, she explained, and his parents pride was angered in his heart. He took his nightingale far to the south of Rathir, and built a stronghold there, a place of deep shadows and beautiful song. To this day, it is said, Kandrian is a place of loveliness, blindness and pride.