Adessa II

Galenun Hegem

Kingdoms of Amalur

The second chapter from Galenun Hegem's memoirs on the construction of Adessa.

Chapter II: The Garrison

There are many whom in the ease of silent quorums, hold that the presence of a Praetorian Garrison is an afront to the principles Adessa was built for. To them, I say that the gates of knowledge must be fortified.

What we have in the Livrarium, what we hope to display with the prosperity of our new city requires protection. It requires support. The Garrison is not a house of war, or suppression or conflict. It is an instrument that our society can call upon to further our knowledge.

The structure is as important to the city as the Livrarium, as melancholia is the sanguine in the body. Without it, our precious balance is upset.

Once I have completed work on the Garrison, I moved on to the construction of the Adessa Laboratories.