Letter To Celfred

Tine Delfric

Kingdoms of Amalur

To Castellan Oda Celfred,

Oda, you must accept my profound apologies, and allow me to explain. I am well aware that you have written two seasons running, asking for an additional Pledgeshield, and I am remiss for failing to provide. But understand that the Pledgeshields we promote these days are not of the same training, or, I am afraid to confess, quality, as those you are used to. They are truly soldiers, prepared for the war on the front and not the duties - harsher duties - that they would face in Detyre. In the first season, I held out hope for a truly remarkable Pledgeshield, but none appeared. In the second season, there were two worthy candidates; alas, one dishonored himself and the other, I am afraid to say, fell in a surprise ambush of Freemen in eastern Kandrian.

Sworn to War,

Tine Delfric