Overseer Harkun (Inquisitor)

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

A gruff, hard-line traditionalist, Overseer Harkun believes in the Empire and the superiority of its children. He makes no effort to hide his contempt for acolytes who have risen up from slavery or those chosen from alien cultures. His stubborn rejection of the changes at the Academy‒of the need to replace Sith lost in the war with a new and “lesser” generation‒has crippled his prospects for advancement, leaving him bitter and spiteful… particularly to those students who represent what he most despises.

Harkun is well aware that his days are numbered. Yet he is determined to exact his revenge on those acolytes unfortunate enough to be placed under his supervision. If he can't keep the fools of the galaxy from joining the Academy, at least he can make them suffer.