The Adventure IV


Kingdoms of Amalur

The Words of Solen Reimgar as Chronicled by Parthalan

"We can halt here for the evening, and talk of strategy. Eventually, we will approach the Will O'Wisps. They are fae creatures, and the very sight of them can lead to our doom. It is said they will draw mortals into an unending labyrinth, and there they starve, forever following the blinking lights. They will surely lead us astray, as is most likely their very purpose, placed here to distract us from our goal. So I say we meet this challenge with our wits, rather than our brawn. Blindfold yourself and tie a rope so as not to be separated, I will walk among you fastened to this rope and Attan and Hercold you will keep me from the lure of the Will O'Wips. May Mitharu grant that I am able to keep my wits about and guide us past. If you feel me pull wantonly upon the rope, know that I am ensorcelled by their magics. Keep to the path as best as you can, and we will prevail."